Saturday, April 28, 2012



"Hey, I ain't no blade of grass!"said ELI in LITTLE JOE. This greenery really pops out, doesn't it?
Rich and I had a fun weekend in Columbus, Ohio. We spoke to students at Immaculate Conception School and were greeted with such enthusiasm, we’re ready to keep those revisions going on our book projects this week.

The night before we’d caught the 7th and 8th grade musical Little Luncheonette of Terror, and knew we’d be dealing with a poised group of learners creative enough to think about becoming authors themselves! Especially after hearing them chant in the play: BOOKS!BOOKS!WE NEED MORE BOOKS!! (Check out the musical on UTUBE below.)

Whisked to the school first thing in the morning, the younger grades had made some lively welcome posters for us.
Good thing we're kneeling-- the cleaners lengthened Rich's pants, instead of hemming them shorter!

Rich and I are still talking about the the pizza party with 20 enthusiastic contest winners, who'd written essays on why they’d like to have lunch with us. While munching on carrots sticks and gooey pizza slices, the 3rd through 8th graders asked us laser smart questions and listened attentively to our answers all through the chocolate-chip cookie dessert!
Contest winner lunch mates at I.C. School in Columbus, Ohio. Instead of saying, "Cheese!" they all said, "Little Joe!"
 Thanks to I.C.School librarian Jessica Klinker for getting the kids so jazzed about reading— I don’t think I’ve ever been featured in so many individual student book clubs! Not only had most of them read LITTLE JOE, they’d also devoured dozens of Rich’s novels—(PERPETUAL CHECK got plenty of talk with its clever chess/silhouette cover, and so did Rich's series books, THE WINNING SEASON and KICKERS).
Here's Rich and I with I.C. librarian extraordinaire, Jessica Klinker


  1. This is great! Glad you had fun. And you were so close. We're less than 2 hours from Columbus.

  2. Wow!Didn't know we were quite that close to your place with this school visit, but alas, we had to get back to our writing projects. We'll have to schedule some more school visits in Ohio and stay longer to see you!