Sunday, April 22, 2012


Happy 32nd EARTH DAY! Yep, the movement--begun by the Senator Gaylord Nelson--started the year I was born, but became an official day of remembrance and action in 1970.

My favorite children’s book on EARTH DAY is Our Earth: How Kids Are Saving the Planet. In it, fellow Ontarian Janet Wlison profiles 10 young environmentalists doing such doable things as PESTER POWER (constantly reminding parents what’s at stake if we don’t do sustainable things like recycling, or driving less). And I really like the story of a Malawi boy who took out a library book and taught himself how to build a windmill for his village, bringing it electricity.

One of my own traditions of remembering to value the earth, is to treat our land as kindly as you would a friend. That's why I hug a tree every EARTH DAY. They’ve been on the planet so much longer than we have, and there’s every reason for us to ensure that they’ll continue to be.

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