Thursday, December 15, 2011

Quechee Library

Rich and I recently visited Quechee,Vermont where relatives have a home and enjoyed speaking at the Quechee library. It's a super cozy and an inviting space. They have a vibrant program and the books see plenty of readers. We had fun and welcomed the enthusiasm and engaging questions from the kids, who ranged in age from two to thirteen.
Librarian Marieke Sperry did a great job creating crafts after, which included lots of cut out animal shapes for anyone who wanted to construct a Fair poster in honor of my book, LITTLE JOE.
The Vermont area itself is steeped in New England tradition and charm, as well as having a beautiful landscape. But much of the terrain was dealt a harsh blow late summer, after receiving the brunt of a hurricane. Gushing water running higher than the town tore through Quechee's covered bridge and ravaged the ground of many communities scattered along the way. While Quechee's historic bridge may take more than a year to repair and the site of it seemingly crumbling in mid-air makes your heart sink, the town itself has banded together through all of this. Incredibly, it's glowing with holiday splendor,less than four months later.

The studio of beloved local glassblower Simon Pearce sustained major structural damage being alongside the bridge, but the business is open. It is the cornerstone enterprise for Quechee. Not far away the town of Woodstock, which was without water and power for what seemed like months, is showing its resiliency. We spent the afternoon there, where stores are open and looking beautiful. Shopkeepers are grateful what for what have and very nearly lost entirely and great newcomers with kindness and warmth. They've worked countless hours cleaning and repairing what was damaged. And it gave both Rich and I a clearer sense of why New England traditions continue from generation to generation, and just how much they cherish their landscape.

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