Tuesday, March 8, 2011

First School Visit on Dr. Seuss's Birthday

I couldn't think of a better event to celebrate Dr. Seuss's birthday than to participate in my first school visit! Rich and I spoke to the entire Wheelock Elementary School in Keene, New Hampshire. Librarian Eva Roeder had the library all set up for us to speak to the classes, from kindergarten through to fifth grade. It was so much fun!

I spoke about LITTLE JOE and read my favorite parts from the book. Rich read BALL HOGS, from Kickers -- the four-book soccer series -- and SPORTS CAMP. Most popular with the kids were the blown-up pictures of all the farm animals in LITTLE JOE, like Spider, the barn cat and Tater, Eli's dog, who's a lot like my dog, Lucy.

Rich's HIGHLIGHTS FOR CHILDREN magazine giveaway to all the kindergartners and first-graders was majorly huge. They rolled onto their stomachs and started coloring immediately. The group loved listening to Rich read THE TIMBERTOES (he writes them), and the fourth and fifth-graders enjoyed getting grossed-out hearing the ghost story from SPORTS CAMP.

But the number one element surprise came when I had a few of the students open up the show box to see what was inside. (Can't tell you or it would spoil your school visit!)

The biggest elements of surprise for me were all those intriguing questions the students asked, from if we were really married,(the answer is yes), to if Little Joe was in the show box and if I could bring him for our next visit.

Everyone took first place for their enthusiasm and went home with a blue ribbon, courtesy of LITTLE JOE. But Rich and I went home with lots more story ideas, glowing from the warmth of the great Wheelock welcome we received.Thanks so much Wheelock!!

BEST IN SHOW: Mason & his class for going the extra mile (just like the swim in SPORTS CAMP)and drawing me with LITTLE JOE and Rich with Big Joe, the snapping turtle in SPORTS CAMP.

RUNNER UP: Our third-grader who paints houses the color of flesh. How many illustrators can say that?

BEST QUESTION: Where do I keep Little Joe while I'm writing?

BEST IN CLASS OUTFIT: Tied: A fourth-grader Star Wars belt buckle-- super awesome!And his best friend's mohawk.

HONORABLE MENTION: Second-grader bejeweled tiaras, and the third-grader Pippi Longstocking's socks. Perfect for being a pirate, later on.

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