Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My First Blog Interview

Slowly but surely, like the steady stream of snow that keeps accumulating out my window, I am navigating my way into the social media arena, and yesterday, I had my first blog interview. You can catch it on and get the chance to win a copy of LITTLE JOE, too.

The mix of questions were both lighthearted and thought-provoking and it was a joy to sit back and really contemplate not only the writing process, but who I am as a writer. Many novels that I devoured as a child have influenced and inspired my writing, but also helped shape my world, so I know how important a dedicated librarian and bookseller can be.

But what I'm enjoying most from the blog interview, is connecting with readers. It's what bonds us. And there are so many voracious and enthusiastic readers out there who truly value what authors do and the often arduous writing process. We all have compelling stories. Telling mine is how I connect to the world around me. It's how I connect with you. My goal this year is to be as much of a reader as a writer, to connect even more.

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